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The origins of our New Year’s Resolutions sit with the people of Ancient Babylon, believed to be the first to make these pledges some 4,000 years ago. Now I wonder how many of THEM have been able to maintain these bold promises to the present day…

Cheap, history-based gags aside, the arrival of January – alongside a positive shift in daylight – can offer genuine inspiration for change. The opening of new calendars - and strangely-satisfying binning of our dog-eared ones from 2023 - can mark a casting off of what is no longer useful and an embracing of the space this opens for fresh endeavours.

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Speaking of endeavours, anyone who has managed to stop smoking as many times as I have will be able to tell you just how easy it is to transform your wellbeing….right????

Creating meaningful change takes inspiration and decisiveness. Making it stick takes a good deal more. This is why my joke at the expense of the now deceased - and therefore defenceless - Babylonians made sense... because we all know from pained experience how hard it is to stay changed.

Here's how therapy can help…

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Having someone with you to help decide what you need can comfort and clarify. 

As a counsellor and facilitator I am well versed in techniques to help set goals and reliable measures for progress that we can evaluate as part of our regular meetings.

Champion Hurdler

No matter how well we lay out our path, life happens – meaning it’s inevitable we run into obstacles along the way. Therapy can help navigate these “bumps in the road” and stay focused on your goal.

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Concrete Plans

The space for reflection and depth of understanding offered in counselling can help solidify our confidence in holding change. A house built with care will always look, feel and hold together better than one that's been thrown up in hope or desperation. 

Goals in therapy can be minor yet meaningful, bold and courageous, weird and wonderful.

As counsellor I have supported people to heal from bereavement and other losses, set healthier boundaries in relationships, transform their wellbeing and self-care and detangle themselves from sticky situations at home and at work.

Whatever change means to you, we can make it our shared interest to nurture it together.

So if you are contemplating fresh adventures within yourself and in your life then feel free to reach out to discuss how therapy can help. Perhaps we might set – and walk - this new path side-by-side…

To hear from my clients on how we have worked together to find and meet their goals click here

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