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I had no understanding of grief and never spoke about it to family or friends, but after losing both parents in four years my family saw a dramatic shift in my moods and urged me to ‘speak to someone’.

From the initial call (which I was dreading), Richard listened and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. In our meetings I could open up to him, he never judged and was understanding.

I now feel I know the process of death and grief. I no longer push it to the back of mind and carry it around with me and I credit Richard with this.

- In-Person Client

"Seeking counselling with Richard was a monumental first step, but he provided me with a space that I felt secure in.

I noticed a lot of personal changes in myself over just a short period of time with his deep understanding of his profession and his client’s care.

I highly recommend his counselling."

- Online Client

"Richard is an amazing counsellor. He will pay attention to you and will make you feel comfortable and heard. The help he offers is very much catered towards you."

- In-Person Client

"Richard's warm and non-judgmental demeanour has made it easy for me to discuss even the most personal and challenging aspects of my life. I felt truly comfortable in our sessions together."

- In-Person Client

“Counselling really helped me, Richard listened to me with compassion and helped me gain a greater understanding of myself. 

I would recommend his services.”

- In-Person Client

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"Richard's really patient. He offers a quiet and reflective environment that helped me to learn the skills I needed to work on myself, even after we had completed all our sessions together." 

- Trans Client, In-Person

"I couldn't be more happy with my counselling sessions and counsellor. Richard made me feel more comfortable and extremely proud of myself.

I got to understand my feelings and validate them. I am glad I got to try counselling for the first time." 

- In-Person Client

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